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Faith Formation & Religious Education Standing Committee

The Faith Formation and Religious Education Standing Committee is appointed by the Bishops Commission for Catholic Education. The Committee provides advice to National Catholic Education Commission on the national policy implications of developments in faith formation and religious education in Catholic schools. In 2015, the Standing Committee developed a work plan, which was endorsed by the NCEC and BCCE.

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In recent years there has been an increased focus on staff faith formation so that the mission of Catholic education can continue to flourish. The National Catholic Education Commission, in conjunction with education leaders with rich experience from across Australia, have published a new document that responds to that activity by offering a framework for evaluation of current work in this area and provides ideas for its continued enhancement. A Framework for Formation for Mission in Catholic Education was prepared for the NCEC on behalf of the Faith Formation and Religious Education Standing Committee and has been endorsed by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Download A Framework for Formation for Mission in Catholic Education. 

Access the flipbook.

Visit the Formation for Mission website.


A stimulus paper has been prepared summarising key findings of an examination of formation programs for school leaders and school and system staff across Australia. The sources of the data are diocesan school systems and a range of religious institute and public juridic person school authorities.

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Together At One Altar

Together At One Altar, a website developed by the National Catholic Education Commission in partnership with Catholic school systems across Australia, brings together valuable resources to assist teachers of students of all age levels to develop their formation in the Eucharist and assist their full, active and conscious participation in its celebration.

Click here to visit Together At One Altar.


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Liturgical resources

The following websites provide liturgical material for use in schools and parishes. A subscription is required to access the material on the sites.

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