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Funding certainty important for schools

April 17, 2015

The National Catholic Education Commission has highlighted the importance of funding certainty for Australia's schools and proposed that the Australian Government Budget ensure that government funding for schools keeps pace with real school costs beyond 2017.

The NCEC has raised the issue of funding certainty from 2018 in its 2015-16 pre-Budget submission, explaining that the current proposal to index school funding at the consumer price index and enrolments will not meet the needs of students and schools.

Read the full media release

Read the NCEC pre-Budget submission


About NCEC

The National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) is established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference through the Bishops Commission for Catholic Education to maintain effective liaison with the Commonwealth Government and other key national education bodies. NCEC complements and supports at the national level the work of the State and Territory Catholic Education Commissions.

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